viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Servicing System x Servers – Part I Certificacion xservers IBM

•Table of Contents
•Preface 3
•Table of Contents 4
• Introduction to the Study Guide 4
•Topic 1 – Best Practices in Customer Service 7
•Topic 2 – IBM System x Server Technologies 65
•Topic 3 – IntelliStation and System x Products 111
•Topic 4 – How to Approach Service 129
• Introduction to the Study Guide
- The purpose of this guide is to:
- Provide you with the necessary documentation to support the learning experience so that
you can successfully fulfill the objectives defined for this course. This guide contains a
number of lessons based on the instructor's presentation material, supplemental student
notes within each lesson, and appropriate additional material (in the form of appendices) as
is required by the course learning objectives.